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Newsletter 06 - New Pro Team Riders

We have a world class product, it is time for a world class team!

Introducing the REKD Protection Pro Team and we are honoured to announce the first two riders…

Javiera Garrido and Joe Hinson.

Both Javiera and Joe have shown us they embody what REKD is all about, great riders going the extra mile in their chosen disciplines.

Let’s find out more about who they are…


Joe Hinson

3-time UK champion skateboarder, he is known as one of the best handrail skaters to come out of the UK. 

Joe continues to keep pushing and progressing whether it be in contests or video parts.

Joe's Favourite Product

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Javiera Garrido

With her exceptional talent and dedication, Javiera has become one of the best in the game. 

Besides being known for her solid style and technical tricks, Javi is also very active in the community by creating projects such as Roll Fem to help inspire and empower women across the globe.

Javi's Favourite Product

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