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REKD Energy Covert Ankle Braces are our ultimate solution for safeguarding riders against torsional ankle injuries, featuring bi-directional stabilising straps, secured by hook and loop. Say goodbye to painful ankle impacts from cranks, decks etc., thanks to the internal 6mm REKD Energy foam ankle bone protector which combines the impact resilience of hard plastic with the comfort of foam.

The ankle braces are constructed using breathable 3D mesh fabric to mitigate heat build-up. A sewn arch design lends vital support while maintaining a sleek profile that effortlessly fits into most footwear. Although designed for action sports, these ankle braces are versatile enough for many leisure or sporting activity.


With a unisex fit, the REKD Energy Covert Ankle Braces are sold in pairs, ensuring comprehensive protection for both ankles. Offering exceptional support and stability for the ankle joint, these braces serve as a crucial defence against injuries and promote faster recovery.


Whether you're pushing your limits in your riding sessions or seeking daily recovery comfort, we have you covered.

Out user-friendly quick lacing systems allow effortless application and removal. The REKD Energy Covert Ankle Braces are built to thrive in the rigorous environments that define action sports, maintaining their performance, comfort, and durability as you pursue your sporting passions with confidence.


REKD Energy Foam is a formulated impact foam designed to reduce up to 75% more impact energy compared to standard high-density foam. 

The material is flexible in its standard form, allowing it to move and flex to create an ergonomic fit for the user.

Unlike standard high-density foam, when REKD Energy Foam is under impact the molecules form a solid structure, dissipating the energy from the impact, providing superior protective qualities and a higher impact force absorption.


Quick lacing system
Bi-directional stabilizing straps
Unisex fit
Internal 6mm REKD Energy foam ankle bone protector

Suitable Sports

Skate, Skateboard, Longboard, Stunt Scooter, Recreational Scooter, Roller Skate, Roller Derby, Aggressive Skating, Inline Skating and many more!



Size Guide

Size relates to shoe rize

S/M = UK: 4-9, EU: 37-43, US: M.5-10, F.6-10
L/XL = UK: 9-14, EU: 43-48, US: M.10-15, F.11-16


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