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Newsletter 05 - REKD Rocker MagLock Snow Goggle Kit

Our range of snow goggle kits and lenses is taking the market by (snow) storm. Featuring three top-spec goggles and an array of lenses with varying properties, we wanted to explain some of these snow goggles' great features.

First and foremost, we’ve teamed up with long-term team rider Mirko Paoloni to produce a stunning promotional video for our Rocker MagLock Snow Goggle Kit.

Mirko doesn't just shred longboards and snowboards, he’s also a professional videographer and media creator, and it's easy to see why!

Check out the video here:

Our Rocker MagLock Snow Goggle Kit features the latest quick-change lens technology.

Simply hold the lens over the frame and the lens will instantly align via built-in magnets.

Use the subtle lock system on the side of the frame to lock the lens in place, preventing the lens from coming off during big impacts.

The Rocker MagLock Snow Goggle is frameless and edge-to-edge, giving an unrivalled and uninterrupted field of view. The larger lens increases the surface area too, making them more fog resistant than a lens of traditional size.

Both lenses in this kit are dual-layer cylindrical lenses with 100% UV protection and an anti-scratch coating. The dual layer quite simply means there are two layers to the lens, which work in unison to provide the desired VLT and Cat.

Our best cylindrical snow goggle comes with triple foam for all-day comfort maximising your time on the slopes. The kit comes complete with a REKD branded hard case, and soft sock case for lens cleaning and spare lens storage.

VLT and Cat

The Mirror Lens that comes fitted as standard with this goggle has a VLT of 11% and is Cat3, but what does this mean?

VLT, or Visible Light Transmission, is a measurement of the amount of light that passes through the lens as tested in lab conditions. VLT 11% means the lens will let through 11% of light; meaning they are ideal for bright situations.

The higher the VLT percentage, the more light the lens will let through (in other words, less light is blocked), which is why the kit comes with the Rocker MagLock Low Light Rose Lens (VLT 79% Cat1) which is great for low light conditions.

The Cat, or Category, is referring to a similar thing, the lightness or darkness of the lens:

Cat1 = Light lens – good in low-light situations

Cat2 = Medium lens – good all-round lens

Cat3 = Dark lens – good for bright/sunny days

Cat4 = Very dark lens – good for extremely bright days


You will see the word Chromatic in the name of some of our lenses. Our Chromatic Lens Technology increases contrast to help you see more details in the snow’s contours, filtering light at two different wavelengths to reduce glare, increasing definition and extending riding conditions.


Other goggles in the range

Our Ascent MagSphere Snow Goggle Kit features the latest quick-change magnetic lens technology.

Instantly align lenses over the frame and the magnets will hold the lens in place.

Effortlessly change between lenses to keep up with the changing weather conditions throughout the day.

Our Classic SnapFit Snow Goggles feature an ergonomic TPU frame, so you do not have to compromise on comfort, fit, or performance.

The injection moulded dual-layer cylindrical lenses have a built-in anti-fog airflow system and an anti-scratch coating.

A great all-around snow goggle with triple foam for all-day comfort maximising your time on the slopes.


Which is your favourite kit? Let us know on our socials!

REKD Protection is owned and distributed by Stateside Skates.


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