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The Ascent MagSphere Snow Goggle Kit features the latest quick-change magnetic lens technology. Instantly align lenses and adapt to changing weather conditions

Our Chromatic Lens Technology increases contrast and helps you see more details in the snow’s contours, filtering light at two different wavelengths to reduce glare, increasing definition, and extending riding conditions. Spherical lenses avoid glare and distortion that can be associated with flat lenses and the larger lens size increases the surface area making them more fog-resistant.


The spare magnetic Rose Lens is provided for when the visibility is low. The injection moulded dual-layer spherical lens is anti-fog and anti-scratch coated.

The Ascent MagSphere Snow Goggle Kit comes with triple foam for all-day comfort maximising your time on the slopes. The kit comes complete with a REKD branded hardcase, and soft sock case for lens cleaning and spare lens storage.


Magnetic quick change
Injection moulded lenses
REKD Ascent MagSphere Chromatic Torch Lens (VLT 23% Cat2) designed for sunny / partly sunny
REKD Ascent MagSphere Low Light Rose Lens (VLT 79% Cat1) designed for partly cloudy / cloudy

100% UV Protection
Anti-scratch coating
Built in anti-fog airflow system
Triple layer foam for all day comfort
Compatible with helmets
Fits with glasses (OTG)
Designed for M/L faces
Mirror belt adjustable strap with anti-slip silicone
Branded hardcase and microfibre lens sock included

Suitable Sports

Skiing, Snowboarding


Black Frame, Black Strap with Chromatic Torch lens fitted

Rose Low Light lens included



Compatible with our Ascent MagSphere Spare Part Lenses:

Obsidian - Cat3 lens with a VLT of 15%
Chromatic Blossom - Cat2 lens with a VLT of 47.3%
Chromatic Aurora - Cat3 lens with a VLT of 15.1%

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