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REKD Ultralite In-Mold Helmet | Mirko Paoloni and Simon Lechner Longboarding in Tenerife

Team rider Mirko Paoloni recently took a trip to Tenerife with good friend Simon Lechner. Together they absolutely shred the open roads in this picturesque location, creating this super stylish edit filled with drool-worthy visuals and camera shots. Need we say more!

Filled with stunning landscape shots, amazing slow motion and some of the greatest technical riding we've seen, these guys certainly know how to make and edit!

Mirko and Simon took to the open roads of sunny Tenerife to really put our Ultralite In-Mold helmet through its paces. The long, hot days and endless runs down the cliffside roads sound absolutely amazing, but would have been a struggle had they been wearing a heavy and uncomfortable helmet.

Ultralite is made with In-Mold technology, a super-lightweight construction that allows the helmet to sit light and comfortable on the head, with plenty of breathing room thanks to its unique vent design. This allows you to ride for longer without feeling any pressures from wearing a helmet, as well as keeping cool and ventilated.

Ultralite is also out first helmet to feature our antibacterial padding, perfect for helping to reduce the negative impacts from getting sweaty on an adrenaline filled day in the sun! Plus the padding helps to keep the helmet snug and secure on your head, no one like a loose helmet distracting you from your ride!

Don't just take our word for it - Mirko gives his views on the Ultralite helmet with a feature write up on their trip to Tenerife - check it out!


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