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Newsletter 07 - Nigeria's First BMX Park Project

Looking to be inspired by pure grit, determination and the human spirit? Then look no further than the recently released Yeow! Films documentary - ‘Encouraged: Building The Future’, presented by Red Bull Media House.

Inspired by the local scene, the documentary follows Courage Adams as he returns to his country of birth – Nigeria, to give back, spearheading the mammoth task of creating the country's first BMX park.

The Nigerian BMX scene has been thriving for years, but incredibly with zero backing and zero infrastructure, only surviving by the pure passion of the Lagos BMX crew and their ingenuity to use any everyday obstacle to practice their unique brand of street BMX.

Courage doesn’t come alone though and is helped by Austin Texas’ ramp building expert Ryan Corrigan, UK based rail specialist Roscoe Siebers and riding legends Fids and Pauly Cvikevich.

The only thing they still needed was a work force, and who better than the fast-learning Lagos crew (some so passionate they slept on site in tents!) to put the BMX park together in a matter of days.

We heard about the project and were extremely privileged to be able to supply the Lagos crew with their protective gear, getting them ready for their no-doubt quick progression getting used to riding their first park.

The Elite 2.0 Helmets that we sent are stylish, lightweight and one of the highest rated certified helmets available on the market - ready to protect against those harsh stacks that comes with pushing your BMX skill in a new environment.

The documentary is in parts inspiring, tear-jerking and heart-warming, showing how powerful action sports can be in giving purpose and galvanising communities.

Watch the full film below:

All photos © Tyrone Bradley/Red Bull Content Pool


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