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Newsletter 02 - REKD Energy

More than meets the eye

Easily recognizable by the green details on our pads,

the REKD Energy badge might be more than you’d expect at first glance.

To us, “green” is our promise to keep you extra safe,

so you can push yourself further than ever before.

Green means REKD Energy and we have placed this cutting-edge foam

protection technology in our best pads.

REKD Energy – superior performance impact foam

With up to 75% more impact dispersed compared to standard high-density foam,

REKD Energy is engineered and developed to provide superior protection for athletes.

Our Non-Newtonian foam hardens on impact, molecules that usually sit freely become aligned, thus reducing energy going through. This allows the pad to feel extremely comfortable, while still protecting when it’s needed, adding an extra shell of protection.

REKD Energy Knee Pads & REKD Energy Pro Knee Pads

Your ultimate tool for future progression!

Action sports pads allow riders to stay in the game for longer and are a key item in extending their time on wheels, helping in their development.

To many trained skaters, scooter riders, or skateboarders, falling on their knees is not only preventive but an integral part of their falling technique mastered to perfection.

Being forced to leave the park, trails, or rink sooner than planned due to injuries, drastically impacts one’s longer-term learning curve. By adding an extra layer of protection in our Energy Knee pads, we not only allow the rider to stay longer in the fight but also build that extra layer of confidence in riding.

With REKD Energy technology, action sports enthusiasts in all skill groups can now push themselves further and move out of their comfort zones, without taking additional risks.

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REKD Protection is owned and distributed by Stateside Skates.


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